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 Prototype Megathread.

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PostSubject: Prototype Megathread.   Sun Jun 14, 2009 10:04 pm

Developer: Radical Entertainment
Publisher: Sierra Entertainment & Activision
Engine: Titanium
Platform: PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360
Release date: June,2009
Genre: Action (Sandbox)
Mode: Single-player
Media: Blu-ray Disc, DVD


The game Prototype is mainly centered around the character of Alex Mercer and his superhuman demonic abilities. Alex has superhuman strength, speed, agility, durability and healing as well as the abilities of consuming his fallen enemies, shapeshifting his body and easily moving in the New York City environment. Radical claims that there will be 750 "unique combinations" of powers. The game is set in 3rd person. Alex Mercer's family history is kept secret, aside from his relation to Brian Mercer, a less successful brother.

Alex is strong enough to throw cars with little effort, run at high speeds and jump great distances. He can climb, run up the sides of buildings and fall from great heights without damaging himself by way of gliding. His signature ability is to absorb the biomass of his fallen enemies. When he does this he gains the victim's memories, knowledge, and can change into their image whenever he chooses. He can also change his own body to emulate offensive, defensive or sensory tools.

When Alex consumes an enemy, he gains their memories, their body, and the ability to mimic their appearance. Consuming memories will help him unlock nodes of the Web of Intrigue and advance the story. He also consumes useful skills, eventually giving him the proficiency to pilot military vehicles and use various kinds of weaponry (so he can absorb 100 or even 1,000 years worth of information within the time span of one week). Consuming dead foes and bystanders augments Alex's biomass, providing him with health and energy to perform devastating moves.

Disguise and Stealth:

By consuming people, the character is reported to be able to take on their appearance, as well as knowledge.


Alex can use standard attacks like punches and kicks that can be charged up for more power and linked together for combos, and enhanced with biomass to do even more damage. He can also perform advanced techniques like air combat and execution moves which are used to consume people. Alex's body can assume nonhuman forms as well. His offensive transformations include forming clawed hands and blade-like arms, hammer-like appendages and sending his claws underground to cause spikes to burst up and impale enemies vehicles. Abilities can be upgraded for increased attack power by spending "evolution points". When Alex's energy meter is full he will be able to perform area-affecting "devastator" moves such as causing a large amount of spikes to shoot out of the ground or cause sharp tendrils to shoot from his body in all directions.

Alex can alter his body's defenses to resist damage or ward off attackers. Defenses include sharp spines protruding from his back, a forearm shield, and more. He can change his skin into armor plating that lets him bash his way through traffic instead of jumping over it and also gives him more protection from attacks, but slows his speed.


Alex can adjust his senses to perceive things in the environment that normal humans would be unaware of. These senses include infra-red, night-vision, thermal vision (which can double as an Infected Sensor and is the same thing as infra-red) and the ability to track individual enemies in a crowd (similar to Altair's Eagle Vision in Assassin's Creed).

Movement in Prototype is inspired by parkour. Alex will automatically maneuver around or through obstacles or straight up a wall of a fifty story sky scraper (depending on his current form), allowing the player to move him with ease using the simplified movement controls. This allows the player to be able to focus on combat, rather than maneuvering through crowds or jumping over cars while chasing a target.



Trailer 1: