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 OK. TreyArch Needs to Start Fixing Things.

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PostSubject: OK. TreyArch Needs to Start Fixing Things.   Sat Jun 13, 2009 6:01 pm

OK, Treyarch needs to stop being so lazy and patch these glitches. I feel it gay have ppl elevator glitch and see the whole map or people go under cliffside and castle and camp there so no one else can get in. Also, its been about 2-3 months and still no Double experience week/weekend. To conclude this, the leaderboards are still screwed up due to hackers and dupers. Also, Wi-Fi seems to give ppl problems lucky for those of you getting The Conduit i hard its being run off of Nintendo Servers. Thanks and feel free to post if you agree/disagree with these statements.

P.S. Treyarch could add a few more playlists to keep things fun and to keep up with PS3 & Xbox. Maybe zombies!
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OK. TreyArch Needs to Start Fixing Things.
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