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 halo 3 katana armor

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PostSubject: halo 3 katana armor   Wed Jun 24, 2009 8:07 pm

ok well ive been trying to get the katan armor by trying to get 1000 gamerscore in halo 3, and i had about 875, and went to check out my armor, and i saw that i had the katana unlocked. i was suprised but kinda just ignored that i didnt have 1000 gamerscore, so i put on the katana. later, i was playing team swat and changed my guy to an elite, bc my friend said its better for swat. i got off and had dinner and watched tv and stuff, then got back on, i went to change my guy back to a spartan, and now my katan is gone. can someone explain why this happened or how to fix it?
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halo 3 katana armor
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